Last Minute Must-Haves for Memorial Day Parties

Can you feel the heat?! Most places around the country have temperatures rising and that means Memorial Day celebrations will be taking place outside!

Here’s our guide for a fun-filled Memorial Day barbecue.

First things first – invitations! Even if you’re throwing your soiree together at the last minute be sure to send a note with the details on your favorite group chat. Follow up with individuals that aren’t vigilant about checking messages to ensure the invite has been extended.  Lastly, invite new friends.  Barbecues are a perfect way to get to know new friends in a relaxed setting.

 We are big fans of going potluck when it comes to hosting a barbeque. However, there are a few host responsibilities that should not be passed off, primarily meat and alcohol.  These two items will tend to be the most expensive so make sure your guests know they are already taken care of. 

Always make sure to have water on hand. We like to jazz it up with lemon and grapefruit or strawberries and lime.  Keep your friends and family feel fresh and hydrated.

Save your fancy plates for another day (and another dinner party). Use a set of melamine for a durable, dishwasher safe option.  And if you’re extra cautious, like us, clear melamine cups and wine glasses keep your event classy and shatterproof.

Use the theme of the day to decorate. The colors are easy, we all know them well so you can be a kitschy as you want with American flag everything or give a more subtle approach by mixing up an array of red, white and blue accessories on your table and seating areas.

Add some lawn games your festivities that will keep friends, family and kiddos up and moving. A good game of croquet isn’t something you see every day – switch it up and have fun!

Keep towels on hand – even if there’s no pool in site. Some of your friends may need to freshen up (get the glisten off, if you know what I mean). A good host will anticipate her guests needs with this one – bonus points for towels that keep the color palette going (like this one)

Let people help! You are the host who has it all under control, making sure no drink sees the bottom, has already scheduled the day in her head, but look around at your guests and enjoy the day. If someone wants to help you bring out extra napkins, let ‘em!

 Lastly, make sure to honor the day. This party you are throwing is essentially a celebration of life for all those who have fallen to protect us.  So, raise a glass, take a moment to say thank you, and enjoy the freedoms we have been granted.

Rebecca Hurn
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Easy Tips for Hosting Easter Brunch

Easter is just a hop, skip and a jump away, let's make sure you are ready to host brunch this year.

Starting with your menu, take a moment to think through the meal and list what needs to be made and then star the items you are happy to make.  Whatever was not starred ask friends or family to bring or go to your favorite shop to pick up. There's no shame in focusing on the dishes you know will be delicious and leaving the rest to other experts.

As the centerpiece of your event your tablescape is on full display.  Use brightly colored linens, like these, to bring fun and sophistication to your space. Plan to set your table the night before as Easter will be a full day.

Do you have a large tablecloth that only comes out for special occasions? Instead of spending ages ironing head straight to the dry cleaners to have it pressed - task complete!

Nothing says Easter like decorated eggs.  Keep your guests pleasantly occupied by letting both kids and adults decorate their own eggs before brunch is served. This will lead up to another activity later in the day.

Add a bouquet of flowers to your table or sideboard with a vase, that compliments both your style and the occasion. As a hostess, you may also receive flowers so having a beautiful backup vase is key.

Planning to have appetizers or cocktails? A beautiful serving tray comes in handy when delivering treats. Take a cue from your favorite restaurant and whisk away dirty dishes after the meal is done with that same tray. Find one here.

Don't forget the bathroom - impress your guests with a polished vanity set, like these, and add a spa-like aroma with an oil filled diffuser. We like Young Living's lavender. 

Once brunch is cleared and all the Easter egg hunts have finished, take a basket filled with the eggs that were decorated earlier to the highest hill in your area.  Each person will attempt to roll their egg the furthest for a small prize and bragging rights.  

As the sun starts to fade be sure to have warm blankets on hand to keep guests cozy. Shop our selection here.

Be sure to divvy up tasks before and during the day - remember, this is your Easter too and your friends and family want to see you (and not from afar in the kitchen).

Have a beautiful Easter!

Rebecca Hurn
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