About is a luxury home accessories online boutique.  Founded in 2018, we focus on bringing together an upscale assortment for all styles.  We pride ourselves on choosing goods made from the finest materials with quality craftsmanship.  Focusing on the details is our specialty and putting it all together in one convenient spot is how we want to help our customers bring their own happiness home.

Rebecca Hurn, owner of, comes with just under twenty years of experience in fashion, interior design and business merchandising.  Her background coupled with the motivation to be provide women and men an easy way to access high end design brought the business idea to light.  From there, our online boutique was born!


Quick Q&A with Rebecca Hurn

How did you come up with the idea to start

I truly believe your home should be your sanctuary, but you shouldn’t need to run all over town trying to find the perfect pieces.  It was important that we built the shop online, so you only have to go to one spot and find an item or a collection that speaks to you and your style. We specialize in luxury goods because quality is paramount to us. When you combine all these things with our love of home design, just made sense.

How do you find your assortment?

We utilize both tradeshows and online resources to find the best items for our customers.  We’re always on the hunt for the truly unique and work with wonderful partners to make sure our offering is top notch.

What can we expect to see from in the future?

More options! We really have just scratched the surface with what’s to come this year.  We are looking forward to expanding both our bedding and entertaining category, but you never know!  You’ll just have to keep visiting the site to see what’s new.

What’s the best way to stay in touch with everything happening on

Ideally, we’d love you to visit the site every day. No, kidding, sort of! Sign up for our newsletter – it gives you the latest on what’s new, design tips, and insider information on upcoming promotions.

Oh, and if you follow us on Facebook or Instagram you’ll be able to follow our journey of renovating and expanding our 1930’s bungalow. #takabeckrenovates

Why did you choose a pineapple as takabeck's icon?

I chose the pineapple because it's a long standing symbol of hospitality, especially in the South where I grew up.  That, and a decade in South Florida, it was the perfect representation - a sunny disposition ready to welcome in friends and loved ones.  What could be better?

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